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 HAPPY people work better - get MORE from life! 

 How happy, confident and contented do you (and your partner) want to be? Personally, professionally,  financially, spiritually....?
What makes most people happy and successful? Wonderful relationships (But they can cause a lot of pain if they go wrong, can't they?! GREAT relationship training & relationship coaching for happiness is here!!
Put some jam (U.S. jelly!) on a bread-and-butter life!

Individual coaching, group seminars
What is Jamforlife reltionship coaching?  It is about YOU - and your relationship; not the coach! Hence you won't get a lot of trumpet blowing; and you may only need a single £45 session; compared that to some relationship therapies, marriage counselling, etc. that people can be in for months and even years. Jamforlife coaching reflects the new states wherein each individual is taking control and responsibility for him/herself. You'll be offered brilliant  ideas, suggestions and vistas and YOU will decide the direction of your relationship and your life - with my help. I do not charge the hundreds that some do, or commit you to months of therapy. Just £45 for 30-40 minute one-on-one call (or emails), so give yourself a chance!! Email for an individual appointment (at least initially - you can bring in your partner at some point if you feel it would help):   Hello@jamforlife.org  I look forward to hearing from you! Payment can be through Paypal and is GUARANTEED.

Relationships are all! With partners, family, colleagues, friends, clients......

"Thank you! Thank you!! That was EXTREMELY helpful and eye opening ..... you get where I am coming from! ...... Again thank you for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!"      July, 2020, (30s woman with relationship problem)


"Hi. Are you a therapist? You should be. He has had mommy issues his whole life and.................... Thank you for your insight"     (6/20. Boyfriend/sex/relationship issues)


"Thank you so much for your guidance it means more than you could possibly know" (fighting/divorcing parents). Dec 27 2020


I have trained with the Coaching Academy and many other U.K. and U.S.A. organisations, and have very wide experience including being "resident coach" on BBC local radio. I  am not a part of a dollar hungry organisation; we all need to earn a living, but my motivation is to help!

Send your name (or nickname) and date of birth (you must be over 18) to hello@jamforlife.org.  Feel free to include an outline of what you are looking for  or need help with if you wish. But I'll guide you.

"Coach Simon"

No information will ever be passed on without your  permission - and no small print!